Waterproofing in Sydney

Waterproofing is a process used to seal surfaces and prevent water getting in.

It is a very reliable, high quality flexible acrylic that is applied, suitable for decks, walls, floors, roofs, balconies and any wet area.
It does not only protect contents but also protects the structural integrity.

Waterproofing is a fundamental aspect in building and construction as it is a barrier against various penetrations.

We use the highest quality membrane which is a polymer based material that is extremely adhesive and differs very much so from the older methods of waterproofing like PVC & HDPE.

Waterproofing your home or building can add value, as dwellings that are exposed to water and moisture are at a higher risk of visually unpleasant damage which in turn will de-value the property.

If a property is not waterproofed correctly it will be damp again within 3-6 months. This leaving you in a position to need it done all over again.

NWK are a fast, effective team, ready to treat your waterproofing needs and do the job the right way the first time.
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