When buying or selling real estate, it is imperative that you have an accurate, inspection to ensure an informed decision is made.
Our reports are fully compliant with Australian Standards (AS 4349.1-2007 – Inspection of Buildings, Part 1: Pre – Purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings’) and are performed by insured, professional licenced builders.

  • An NWK Building Report will give you confidence when making your property decision.
  • Our report will be detailed, technical and comprehensive
  • Reports completed are available within 24 hours to potential buyers either via email or post.
  • If a property has more than one dwelling (ie house and cabin) on the one property additional costs may be incurred.



A Dilapidation Building Report details the existing condition of a structure, prior to building work being carried out on a neighbouring property.

Majority of councils, as part of a development application will require a dilapidation report be carried out on neighbouring structures.

A dilapidation building report will itemise each defect found on the property.

A building dilapidation report is useful in defence if any claims are made by the owner of a neighbouring property against you for damage they believe your building works may have been the cause of.
The report should be signed by both parties prior to commencement of work.


A strata report is a report detailing the  financial state of the body corporate, management matters andany past known building problems.

A strata inspection will also report any major works that may have been planned or if any special levies have been placed on the owners.

It is highly recommended that a building inspection and pest inspection be carried out with a Strata inspection as defects may exist to the dwelling that are not known by the body corporate or the strata manager.


Building defects are faults that have existed since construction or are triggered later on by faulty original construction area common problem.

They can impact on the quality of both private and common areas; affect property values and rental incomes; and can result in ongoing damage to the building

Building defects can range from structural cracking in buildings, leaking showers, water ingress to buildings, rising dampness, condensation mould, sagging in roof framework, deterioration of mortar to brickwork, ventilation to sub-floor areas, efflorescence and deteriorated roof membranes.

Our Building reports will give you a detailed list of all defects found.

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