Remedial building

Remedial building is building rectification work.

Usually this involves repairing works done by other builders that have not been done to standard.

It can be anything from structural repairs to minor repairs defects.

Remedial building also involves repairing termite damage to commercial and residential properties and also deteriorated buildings.

Buildings that are no longer compliant to standards usually will need a remedial builder to inspect and provide adequate rectification works to bring the building back to current legislation and standards.

Our remedial services offer balustrade and balcony rectification, roof repairs and any major or minor building defects.

If you have a property, whether it is commercial or residential that is in need of repairs, don’t hesitate in calling our team for further information.

Leaving unsafe or non-compliant works as they are, can lead to further damage and create further problems for the future.

It is highly recommended that if you are uncertain of what problems lie beneath that you speak to a qualified, licenced remedial builder.

We are always here to help with all your rectification work.

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