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Protective coatings

Protective coatings are a service offered by NWK to help with the treatment of corrosion on steel structures, and also protective coatings for fire resistance.

The most common coatings used are Epoxy, polyurethane, fluoropolymer and moisture-cure urethane.

Protective coatings are often needed for example on concrete steel bridges which are subject to extreme weather conditions, UV exposure and also coastal areas with salty winds, in this case a protective coating would provide adequate protection against steel corrosion.

Generally, in most cases we use a typical coating system that usually consists of a primer, an intermediate coat and a top coat.
Protective coatings are also beneficial and essential for home and unit blocks.

In this case, we would coat the external façade to prevent water penetration and deterioration, this treatment is usually only done for coastal line properties or areas that are subject to sea breeze.

More often than not protective coatings are often over seen and not thought about, however is a very important element of remedial building to prevent future problems occurring or re-occurring.

For any further information on protective coatings please contact our professional team.

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