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Concrete cancer is where by the concrete on buildings / houses begin to degrade.

The steel reinforcements inside the concrete begin rusting, as it rusts it expands causing the concrete to crack.

Usually caused by the presence of contaminants and weather combined with the natural atmosphere.

There are several forms of concrete defects, one being from water penetration which causes the concrete to rust and expand creating stress on the surrounding concrete which then begins to spall.

In order to create a solution for this problem, the spalled concrete must be removed and any exposed steel must either be replaced or treated.

The affected area is then repaired to its original state using cement mortar, epoxy mortar, suitable epoxy resins and a process called crack  injection or “chemical injection”.

It is essential that once the concrete cancer has been repaired that it is then waterproofed using the correct membrane to prevent water damage again.

Most concrete cancers are due to structures not being waterproofed properly, cheap alternative membranes must not be used, as the problem will re-occur and can become a very costly project.

If you are uncertain as to whether you have concrete cancer, the most obvious signs are steel sticking out of the slab, concrete falling off, rusty stains on concrete, visible cracks or swollen concrete.

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