Chemical injection

Chemical injection is a process used to prevent water penetration to buildings or houses.

The attempted methods for resolving water penetration include the installation of trays and the application of epoxy coatings to the underside of the leaking concrete surface.

These methods DO NOT WORK!

The fixing of ‘catch trays’ to collect the water and then drain away merely disguises the water leaks and does nothing to fix the problem. The coating of epoxies has proven to be ineffective when treating leaks.

Half measures such as these do not address the damage that is occurring within the concrete structure created by the reaction of the water with the steel reinforcement.

Only chemical injection will fix this problem.

Even when the water is prevented from entering the concrete and the leak has ceased, the remaining moisture content continues to react with the steel reinforcement which continues impacting upon the structural integrity.

Through pressure chemical injection the low viscosity Hydrogel penetrates into the crack, encapsulates the reinforcing bar and cures to form a flexible protective seal.

Please don’t let anyone tell you that catch trays will resolve this problem, the only method that will work is the chemical injection process, we are very skilled in this field and come highly recommended for this line of work.

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